Solarshade shadecloth is available in styles including light, medium and heavy.

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Solarshade Premium, is a tough and durable multipurpose sun, wind, heat, hail and rain screening fabric which protects plants, people, property, and animals from the extremes of weather.

High Quality Construction: The fabric is manufactured from HDPE monofilament thread. The unique three way lock stitch construction results in a dimensionally stable material which will not tear or fray if cut.

Resistance to Horticultural Chemicals: Solarshade is unaffected by most sprays and chemicals.

Heavy Duty Reinforced Edge: Solarshade has a unique reinforced selvage edge for securely fastening the fabric to cable, metal, plastic or timber support structures.


  • Horticulture
  • Home
  • Pergolas
  • Internal Fencing
  • BBQ Areas
  • Livestock Shelter

The use of Solarshade Premium knitted shadecloth in the protection of livestock has seen significant improvements in milk yields in dairy cows, and the condition of beef cattle. In the summer, it provides shade and cooling. In more severe weather, the shelter also provides protection from hail, pelting rain, and light frosts.


10 years pro-rata against UV (New Zealand).


  • Solarshade Very Light: UV Protection (minimal) Colours: Green
  • Solarshade Light: UV Protection (SPF 2) Colours: Black, Green, White
  • Solarshade Medium: UV Protection (SPF 3) Colours: Black, Green, White
  • Solarshade Heavy: UV Protection (SPF 4) Colours: Black, Green