• Permaclip shadecloth and windbreak fasteners
  • Groundgripper pegs (plastic) for weed fabric
  • Ground Staples (metal U pins) for weed fabric, geotextile, erosion products

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Permaclip is a butterfly type clip designed to fasten shade and wind fabrics to wires, poles or join panels. Very high quality polypropylene to give in excess of 10 years life. Permaclip fasteners are reusable.

Permaclip Instructions for Use:

Clamp fabric edge between clip jaws and snap together. Locking pins prevent clip from reopening. The clip can then be attached to frames or structures by wires or nails. When using fabrics on wire supports, ensure that the clip is folded over the wire before snapping clip closed on the fabric edge. Where the fabric has a raw or cut edge, fold the edge over and clip through the double layer to prevent fraying.

The recommended spacing for the majority of installations is between 300-500mm.

Ground Gripper:

Ground Gripper pegs are heavy duty, durable, and UV stabilised for long life. This amazing product pins NoWeed and other landscaping fabrics to the soil with unprecedented tenacity. A wide head, marked by the Permathene logo, makes insertion a breeze, while ensuring optimum contact with the cloth. The skilfully designed fins provide significantly increased surface area for greater cohesive stability.


Ground Gripper Fabric Pegs, 12 per bag, 24 bags per carton.

Ground Staples:

Standard galvanised U pins designed for qucikly fastening weed fabric, geotextile and erosion products to the ground. For deep soft soil use the 9".


5" and 9", available in boxes of 200.