Groshield fabric is a white, non toxic, lightweight fabric with excellent ventilation properties designed to be placed directly on crops.

Frost fabric


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It is formulated especially for horticultural uses from spunbonded 20g/m2 polyester fabric. The combination of fabric properties and fibre distribution combine to offer strength and durability.


Permathene Groshield frost fabric offers protection from:

  • Frost: Insulates against frost to approximately -3 C. Overall protection varies with conditions such as wind and humidity
  • Sun Scorching: Diffuses water, air & light to minimise the harmful effects of direct sunlight
  • Insects & Birds: Shields seeded lawns and plants from birds and destructive insects
  • Dehydration: Reduces moisture loss due to evaporation as a result of wind and sun exposure
  • Durability: The polyester has natural UV resistance superior to that of artificially UV stabilized polypropylene. It is resistant to weather and most chemicals.