Test Method Values
Weight AS 2001.2.13 110 g/m2
Tensile Strength (warp) AS2001.2.3.1 549N/50mm
Elongation at Break   38.7%
Tensile Strength (weft)   148N/50mm
Elongation at Break   76.8%
Wing Tear (warp) AS2001.2.10 100N
Wing Tear (weft)   70N
Bursting Pressure AS2001.2.4 1170kPa
Temperature Range   -30C - +75C
Yarn   UV stabilised HDPE
Pattern   Lock stitched knitted
Shade Factor   42%
Av % Transmission   58%
Av PAR Transmission   58%
% UV Block   43%
Porosity   62%
Colour   Green
Roll Sizes   .91m x 50m, 1.83m x 50m

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