Tensile Strength kN/m Tensile Load kN/m Typical Strain at Peak Load Roll dimensions
2% Strain 5% Strain
50 kN 54 12.7 24.7 11 1m x 50m
60 kN 60 16 31 11.5 1m x 75m
65 kN 68.7 16.1 30.9 11 1m x 50m
80 kN 80 23 44 11.5 1m x 50m
90 kN 90 23.7 45.2 11 1m x 50m
120 kN 120 35 65 11.5 1m x 30m
130 kN 141.9 38 75.5 11 1m x 50m
160 kN 160 47 85 11.5 1m x 30m
180 kN 180 52 104 11.5 1m x 30m
200 kN 200 58 116 11.5 1m x 30m


Polymer: High Density Polyethylene

Resistance to Ultra-Violet Light: A high level of resistance to UV light is given by the incorporation of 2% of weathering grade carbon black, well dispersed in the polymer. These products may be used for many years in exposed conditions.

Creep Performance:

A good creep performance under sustained loading is essential for the use of geogrids in critical structures such as walls, abutments and steep embankments.

Chemical and Biological Resistance:

Uniaxial geogrids are manufactured from high density polyethylene which is unaffected by all chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils.

The data in all tables is intended as guides only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. Permathene Ltd. reserves the right to change the specification contained herein without notice.

Bodkin Bar EGB 1225: for use with all grades
Cross section dimension (width x thickness mm) 25 x 12 (typical)
Length (mm) 1050 (or as specified)
Polymer HDPE (special grade)
Yield strength 1 (MN/ m2) 22
Elongation at break 2 (%) 250 (min)
Carbon black (%) 2
Note1: Measured in accordance with BS 3412:1976 (ISO/R527-1966: Type 2 Speed D)
E'GRID bodkins are manufactured from a specially selected grade of HDPE to ensure the long-term performance of bodkin joints with E'GRID uni-axial geogrids. No assurances can be given for the performance of joints made with any other bodkins.