Installation (brief guide):

A spreader bar which suspends the roll above ground is the easiest way to install. From the top of the berm the material is placed into the anchor trench and the material is then pulled back without any machinery crossing over the product itself. Overlaps are indicated by a marker line on each roll for ease of alignment.

To cut Syntex all that is needed is a retractable knife.

The panels are overlapped in accordance with specification and the ends sealed with bentonite paste.

Mass per unit area, total EN965 g/ m2 5000
Mass per unit area, cover nonwoven (1) EN965 g/ m2 220
Mass per unit area, bentonite layer (2) EN965 g/ m2 4500
Mass per unit area, carrier woven (3) EN965 g/ m2 110
Tensile strength (MD/ CMD) ASTM D 4595 kN/ m 12/ 12
Elongation (MD/ CMD) ASTM D 4595 % 15/ 18
Peel Strength EN ISO 10319 N/ 10 cm 90
Index Flux ASTM D 5887 m/ s 3.23 x 10 -9
Permeability/ hydraulic conductivity ASTM D 5887 m/s 3 x 10 -11
Bentonite Properties
Fluid index ASTM D 5891 ml 18
Swell index ASTM D 5890 ml/ 2g 25
Moisture content DIN 18121 % 11
1. White polypropylene, filled with bentonite in the 50 cm overlapping area
2. Sodium bentonite
3. Black polypropylene, slit film, woven geotextile
Technical values are average values over the roll width and are subject to change without notice.

The data in all tables is intended as guides only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. Permathene Ltd. reserves the right to change the specification contained herein without notice.