Corrosion Resistance Fuse bonded PVC powder coating prevents corrosive liquids from attacking galvanised wire, even in salt water
UV Durability PVC powder coating is bonded uniformly to welded mesh after fabrication in a process that eliminates residual stress in the coating thus reducing the damaging effect of UV radiation
Joint Abrasion Resistance Wire connections in welded mesh do not rub against themselves at the joints so there is no internal wire abrasion between the wires to accelerate coating damage
Reparability Damaged sections of welded mesh can be cut out and replaced without reducing the strength of the structure, plus damaged areas will not unravel
Versatility Any size or shape can be constructed from a roll, no reason to various sizes
Value Less material and less labour is required to build the structures
Strength Strong. 4463 kg/ lineal meter in both directions
Flexibility Tests show modular gabions have equal flexibility
Installation Speed Spiral connectors and dimensional accuracy eliminate time consuming hand tying of baskets so welded baskets assemble in roughly half the time
Material Utilisation Modular panel construction eliminates the redundant panels at basket connections thus reducing material requirements by as much as 25%
Dimensional Accuracy Assembled baskets have dimensional accuracy of better than 0.5%
Ease of Installation Flat panels or rolls are quickly assembled without kinks
Appearance Clean, more consistent lines which remain flat and won't bulge

Gabion drawing