Permathene can provide engineers and designers with variety of options, including heights, length and material of fabrication. Standard impermeable baffle, or partition, consists of a surface floating element, supported on the surface by tensioning wire rope (galvanised steel or plastic), flexible sheeting and ballast, or anchor, chain at the bottom. Module

As a "module" Permathene Limited understands a single composed baffle, the number of modules, or baffles for each application can be different, but in general many experts recommend a minimum of 2 baffles and a maximum of 4 with even baffle spacing across the pond as the most effective method.


  1. Baffles with module sizes longer than 25m will be fabricated from separate units, anywhere between 5m and 25m. Units will be interconnected by frequent bolting through eyelets installed in double liner hem, reinforced with flat sealed galvanised steel bar.
  2. Sections of the anchor chain will be interconnected with D-shackles.
  3. If baffles have to be constructed from multi-units, the units length will be calculated to link with total baffle length.


  1. Permathene will manufacture baffles with specified slope, typically 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or a combination.
  2. Slope part of the baffle will be reinforced with sealed flat galvanised steel bar.
  3. The skirt depth of the baffle is vertically below the floating element's hem. Depending upon application, baffles can be fabricated from 0.5mm, 0.75mm or 1.0mm Permaliner (Flexible Polypropylene) or HDPE, using both fusion and extrusion welding, or various other materials depending upon chemical, heat, strength or other conditions which may affect lifespan and application.
  4. If requested, a special reinforced HDPE strip with brass or SS eyelets can be manufactured for attachment of the module to the pond's wall. Aluminium bars with neoprene gaskets and dynabolts to be used for connection.

Openings: Openings are holes in baffle's skirt, designed for various purposes. Woven geotextiles can be used for sediment control and filtration baffles, interconnected with main liner body by method as defined by Permathene. The size and position of geotextile completed or non-covered openings on the baffle's skirt are determined by designer. Permathene will provide engineers with flow rate data for different types of Syntex woven, nonwoven and monofilament geotextiles.


  1. Both, supportive wire rope and anchor chain hems will be reinforced with LDPE, PP or PVC pipe as determined for the particular specified size. Permathene Limited would not recommend utilising external concrete or steel weights attached to the anchor line of the baffle for ballast. This may create local high stress concentration on the liners lower line. Where bottom anchoring is required, we can reinforce the connection point with stainless steel plates to minimise local stress and plastic wire rope to eliminate corrosion issues.
  2. Permathene Limited can supply a complete anchoring system, with custom made galvanised steel or stainless steel plates with through bolts, turn buckles, and tensioners.
  3. The baffles described above are standard. Permathene can custom design floating and tensioned baffles to assist in solving of specific engineering tasks.

Maintenance: Permathene Limited can provide a support guarantee which offers replacement or repair for a period of five years for baffle curtains manufactured entirely by Permathene and supplied in accordance with approved installations and designs.

Delivery: The floating pond baffles shall be delivered to the job site by the manufacturer on four-way entry pallets acceptable for motor freight transport. Containers shall be marked with the modules and units numbers.

Field Service: Permathene Limited can provide the services of a qualified field technician to supervise the installation and repair of the baffle if required by the customer.

Material Types:

  • Vinyl Coated Polyester or Nylon (PVC): Provide silt containment in a tough reinforced material. These barriers are suitable for a wide range of environments including open water operations such as dredge and drag line. PVC type barriers have very high strength and a more limited UV life and are not recommended for permanent installations beyond 5 years.
  • Permaliner Polypropylene: Barriers are manufactured in flexible Permaliner polypropylene with or without a slit film or monofilament geotextile curtain or windows. We custom manufacture turbidity barriers, sedimentation control Baffles, separation curtains. These are commonly used in waste treatment ponds as separation barriers and are manufactured to fit the contour of the pond. Typically manufactured in 0.75mm - 1.0mm Permaliner flexible polypropylene resists a wide range of chemicals with excellent UV resistance (can last 20 years).
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): Barriers manufactured in HDPE maintain the longest UV resistance and mechanical strength. Suitable for permanent installations, especially as separation barriers where a more rigid baffle can withstand higher currents.