Installation Procedure

  1. Filter Fabric (600mmwidth) is rolled along the base of the wall allowing at least 150 mm to sit against the wall and Filter Pipe modules placed in a long row.
  2. Wall drain panels are placed flush against the wall above the Filter Pipe detaching the 100 mm flap at the base rear of the panel to allow complete coverage across the Filter Pipe.
  3. Each consecutive Walldrain panel is placed adjacent to one another inside the100 mm sleeve and secured to the wall's surface (interlocking is not required).
  4. Overlap the remaining filter fabric from the 600 mm roll across the Filter Pipe and secure all seams along the base of the wall and between each panel using adhesive tape.
  5. Outlet Pipes are fitted in to the sleeve at the end of the Filter Pipe and secured using adhesive tape.
  6. The base is backfilled with coarse washed river sand (more is better than less) approx 300 mm height.
  7. The System is backfilled with normal fill avoiding clay elements.