Installation Guide

Installation of Ausdrain Modules and Filter Fabric is both fast and simple. Pallet sized panels of interlocked modules can be pre-assembled and delivered to site, saving valuable time and labour on large scale projects. The modules can be easily interlocked on-site for use in vertical applications.

Ausdrain Horizontal Applications


  1. Place standard modules or panels over the surface of the membrane and butt together (interlocking is not required). For additional protection, a layer of filter fabric under the modules is recommended. Pipe outlets must not be covered with filter fabric.
  2. Cut module’s at the perimeter to size using a hand or circular saw.
  3. Roll out filter fabric over the modules allowing for a 150mm overlap at each seam, also allow for additional fabric to cushion the edges of the modules around the perimeter against the waterproof membrane and side of walls.
  4. Install Walldrain Panels to the walls of planter boxes if required.
  5. Secure all seams with adhesive tape as an added precaution.
  6. Lay a 50-100mm layer of washed coarse river sand to create a filtration layer and prevent clogging of the filter fabric (small machinery recommended).
  7. Lay the soil profile with at least a 300mm depth before allowing heavy machinery over the surface.