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  • Permathene was founded in Auckland city in 1959.
  • Produced concrete underlay and agricultural covers for silage as first products.
  • Hand made thousands of nettings used to hold down the stack covers.
  • A plastic welder was custom built to allow factory fabrication of liners for silage and waterproofing.


  • A move to bigger premises with a dedicated factory welding facility allowed for the production of storage pond liners for agriculture up to 1/4 acre in size (over 6000 m2). The first such liners were made for a pig farm using 250 micron black LDPE.


  • Opened new manufacturing facility (our present Auckland address in Rosebank Rd).
  • In 1977 a machine was built to produce Dampstop Reinforced and Graphlon greenhouse film.
  • The MX or Mystery X machine has manufactured products supplied all over the world including Alaska. Dampstop Reinforced has used to line such facilities the ammonia urea plant, New Plymouth (1984), the NYC Public Library on 5th Ave (1984), LNG storage tank linings at Aniva Bay, Sakhalin Island located in the Sea of Othotsk, north of Japan (2004), and hundreds of other projects.


  • Permathene evolved into a predominantly environmental company and in keeping with its tradition of Highest Quality, achieved ISO Certification 9001, 14001 (Environmental).
  • Marked the opening of our Australian office Permathene Pty Ltd with our first sales in high strength geotextile tubes for de-watering in 2001.


  • 2003 saw great change with more emphasis on earth reinforcement, lining, erosion control, products for the oil and gas industries and drainage.
  • From design, supply and installation of landfill lining systems to gas proofing closed landfill sites prior to development, Permathene has evolved as a specialist in the field of environmental engineering.

2009 and beyond..

  • With new products in development and machinery installed, Permathene is set to further evolve and meet any challenges ahead.
  • Extra specialised skills in the area of design allow us to custom manufacture an even greater range than before.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001


IAGI (International Association of Geomembrane Installers)

Mission Statement:

The Permathene.com mission is to provide valuable information to all who visit and provide an up-to-date website at all times. Product sections relative to each application with project details, photographs of use and technical documents. These are provided to promote the use of geosynthetics in a professional manner, and this should always promote solutions which are environmentally positive.


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