Welded Steel Gabions - Ballast Point, Sydney

Ballast Point Park is a new public harbourside space recently completed in Sydney.  Since 1933 the site was used for fuel storage and was returned to public use in 2002 and the development of this park in 2009. The park was designed by landscape architects McGregor Coxall and engineered by Landscape solutions.

Permathene Pty Ltd was the successful bidder for the suppy of the welded gabion panels.

A total of 9000 square meters gabion panels were supplied to this project, including 204 square meters of non standard curved panels. These were custom made into 0.6m x 4.2m and 0.3m x 4.2m panels to build up retaining walls up to 9 meters in height.

According to the Corrosivity Zones in Australia, Balmain is rated as C3 classification, which is medium. A higher corrosion resistance to increase the final life span of the gabions was used with coating of 95%Zinc and 5%Aluminium 3.15mm wire mesh was specified by the engineers for this project. Numerous corrosion tests (e.g.: ASTM B117), together with extended coastal field trials, shows the use of Aluminium/ Zinc will last approximately 2 to 3 times longer than plain galvanized (zinc only).

The park has been designed to consolidate the layers of history, by putting re-use of materials sourced on site, such as recycled concrete, sandstone boulders, and even shells as part of the structure. To accommodate this design, Permathene supplied panels with mesh sizes of 50mm x 100mm rather than standard 75mmx75mm, which holds smaller bricks and created an aesthetically pleasing structure.

The highly successful Ballast Point Park is considered to be one of Sydney’s best new public spaces; and gabions, as the hot trend in landscape architecture has been widely recognized and adopted by landscape architects, designers and landscapers.

gabion Ballast Point gabion Ballast Point

gabion Ballast Point

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